General Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabinoids are natural components in the Cannabis sativa Plant. While over 60 components have been specifically labeled as cannabinoids, the most recognizable is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is responsible for delivering a psychoactive effect within the Cannabis sativa Plant, while CBD has been discovered to promote health and healing support to the human body. As more research continues, we are constantly uncovering the benefits of different cannabinoids within the Cannabis sativa Plant.

While both Industrial Hemp and Marijuana stem from the same plant lineage, they are actually quite different. Industrial Hemp has been used for generations to produce products such as paper, fuel, rope, fabric, and countless other products. Industrial Hemp is grown with high concentrates of Cannabidiol (CBD) and less than .03% of THC. Industrial Hemp does not have the psychoactive effect it’s relative Marijuana contains. Marijuana contains high amounts of THC, as well as, a small % of CBD. Over the years, Marijuana has been genetically modified to produce more THC resin, thus creating a greater psychoactive effect.

Products that are labeled full spectrum contain all the wonderful benefits that hemp has to offer. Instead of extracting only the CBD out of the hemp plant, full spectrum extraction processes draw all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavoniods, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids from the plant. This yields a more balanced offering and we believe a better product.

Our staff is available 10AM – 5PM to answer any of your questions. We do not list specific dosage recommendations per type of aliment, because every person is different! Our team can provide examples of dosages that have worked for previous clients.

It has been reported that CBD can cause fatigue and tiredness or an upset stomach if too much is consumed. Every person is different and some may never experience such effects.

We love our fury friends and we want them to receive the best benefits from CBD. We recommend starting with 5mg and increasing as needed. Unfortunately, our fury buddies can’t tell us how they are feeling and it is important to read their body language.

Most drug tests only test for the cannabis compound THC, not the cannabinoid CBD. It is very important to know that Industrial Hemp may contain less than <.3% of THC when it is growing. The products we produce at Sea of Healing are Full Spectrum Hemp products and will contain trace amounts of THC. We chose to extract everything from the hemp plant, so our products contain the complete benefits provided by the hemp plant. If you need PURE CBD products that contain absolutely 0% THC, please contact us at

Yes, please select the PO Box box when you are checking out. Don’t have a PO Box? No worries, we can ship via FedEx or UPS.

Yes! If you would like your products shipped next day or two-day, the order must be placed before 10AM EST M-F. You can also call or send an email to to review your shipping options with a Sea of Healing team member. An additional charge may be applied for expedite shipping.

Upon ordering, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your specific order. If the items you ordered are in stock, we will ship the product within 3 days. The product ships either FedEx, UPS, or USPS Ground. We keep a limited stock because we believe in fresh batches! If we are out of stock and need to make a fresh batch, it will ship out in 7 days.

Because of the nature of our products, we do not accept any returns. If within 30 days of receiving your product you are not 100% satisfied, we will be happy to replace your order

Lotion FAQs

Since we do not use any non-natural preservatives, we recommend using the lotion within 1 year of purchase date. We also recommend keeping your lotion in a cool place to prevent any separation.

No, we do not use any non-natural preservatives in our products. We do use Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E which acts as a natural antimicrobial.

Yes! We love doing special batch orders. If you are interested please send an email to to get started. One of our team members will call you to discuss your options.

At Sea of Healing, we understand every person is different and may have different needs. We can provide a larger container size – if 2 oz jars are not enough. Are you allergic to a certain ingredient? Maybe you are sensitive to smells and need a lotion that is plain scent, no matter the reason, we can help formulate a product that fits you.

Yes and no. We do not charge for orders that request a larger container size. We will provide you with a lot price and it will take our team 7-10 days to create your lotion. We charge a flat rate of $75.00 to create a special batch with different ingredients. It will take our team 2-3 weeks to create your special batch. We first test the batch and make sure it’s to the highest standard before proceeding with production.

Yes. Please email Sea of Healing at to review your options. An additional charge will be applied determining on the amount of CBD added to the product.

We have been testing the Sea of Healing topical lotions since 2011, and after years of experimenting, we have found that 400mg of Full Spectrum CBD packs a punch!

We recommend 3-5x a day or apply as needed.